Jean Ciszewicz

Managing Director 

Holder of a Masters 2 in international finance from ESM-IAE Metz (Université de Lorraine), Jean Ciszewicz decided to begin his career in the banking sector in Luxembourg as an internal auditor, allowing him to increase his regulatory knowledge and internal control methodology.
Eager to deepen his knowledge of the different types of companies operating on the Luxembourg marketplace, Jean decided to continue his career as a consultant specialising in Compliance, Internal Audit, Internal Control and other regulatory missions in a consultancy firm specialised in Compliance and Internal Audit.
Jean undertakes Internal Audit and Compliance missions for a number of years now as well as regulatory missions requiring regulatory expertise for a variety of companies including banks, ManCo’s, specialised PFS, AIFM’s, Payment Institutions and Electronic Money Institutions.
In October 2018, Jean joined the operational part of jnl, specialised in Internal Audit and Compliance, which has become Phoenix Solutions Luxembourg, of which Jean is Managing Directors.

Jean Noël Lequeue


Jean Noël Lequeue is the Founder of the Company. With his long experiences garnered throughout his professional career, Jean Noël decided to put his experience to use for the benefit of PFS, management companies and the liberal professions. His abilities have even resulted in him being recognised as an acknowledged expert in his field, able to represent Luxembourg. Jean Noël has been a Board member for a number of associations, such as the Luxembourg Association of Compliance Officers (ALCO), for whom he acted as Chairperson for 6 years, and for a number of Committees, such as the Comité des Obligations Professionnelles, AML/CTF prevention Committee, corporate governance committees, AML consultation committees, etc.
Thanks to his regulatory expertise, Jean Noël can assist you in your decision-making as an independent Director or by joining a Client Acceptance Committee, or an audit or compliance committee. Jean Noël can also help you with specific missions concerning due diligence and organisation optimisation.

Emilie Schmitt

Office Manager  

Higher education graduate Emilie Schmitt joined jnl (formerly ICE SA) in 2009 as a personal assistant to the founding partner, Jean Noël Lequeue. Since the creation of Phoenix Solutions Luxembourg, a spin-off from jnl, Emilie Schmitt has been the Office Manager. At jnl, Emilie developed many skills and acquired the necessary experience to ensure the proper administrative management of the Company.
Emilie, as Office Manager, is responsible for several functions within the Company such as Human Resources and daily administrative management. Emilie’s versatility has allowed her to broaden her areas of expertise to include recruitment, the drafting of employment contracts, the management of staff and also the drafting of service proposals and service agreements. Another of her functions is the organization of Company events.

Aurore Ciszewicz

Senior Regulatory Officer  

Aurore Ciszewicz joined the Phoenix Solutions Luxembourg team as a Regulatory Officer in November 2018, where she works on compliance and internal audit missions for a wide variety of clients. Aurore, who has a Masters in Audit and Management Control from INSEEC Business School in Paris, Aurore Ciszewicz first oriented her career to the accounting and tax professions.
Aurore begins her career in an accounting firm; then she completed her accounting knowledge by specializing in the field of accounts payable and banking taxation, within the Crédit Agricole of Lorraine for 8 years. And then in waste management.
Wishing to change her experience in a new direction, by pursuing a career in internal audit and compliance in Luxembourg, with Phoenix Solutions Luxembourg.

Adrien Mignan

Senior Regulatory Officer  

Adrien Mignan joined Phoenix Solutions Luxembourg in February 2023 as a Senior Regulatory Officer.

Adrien is an experienced professional, holding two master’s degrees in Economics and Finance, obtained respectively from the University of Lorraine in France and Matej Bel University in Slovakia. With a strong academic background, he began his career in the Luxembourg banking sector within the BPCE Group, where he served as a Risk Officer from 2014 to 2020. This experience allowed him to specialize in regulatory, accounting, and analytical domains, thereby enhancing his professional skills.

From 2020 to 2022, Adrien evolved as a consultant and trainer specialized in anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing. His sharp expertise in these crucial compliance areas enabled him to bring considerable added value to companies by reinforcing their illicit activity prevention and detection measures.

Today, Adrien has chosen to join Phoenix Solutions Luxembourg to broaden his horizons and excel in even broader domains such as compliance and audit. His expertise and commitment to staying at the forefront of the latest regulatory developments will greatly benefit our clients.

Anaïs Melinger

Regulatory Officer

Anaïs Melinger holds a Master’s degree in International Finance, awarded by the IAE School of Management in Metz, affiliated with the University of Lorraine. Anaïs joined Phoenix Solutions Luxembourg as a Regulatory Officer in October 2023, after completing a 6-month internship there as part of her studies.

During her five years of higher education, Anaïs followed a rigorous academic curriculum focused on financial markets. This education also served as an introduction to the world of financial regulation, a field that piqued her interest.

Anaïs is characterized by her dynamism and willingness to constantly develop her knowledge and gain experience in the regulatory field. At Phoenix Solutions Luxembourg, Anaïs is involved in internal audit and anti-money laundering and terrorism of financing missions, as well as ensuring the proper application of data protection obligations within the company and for the customers of Phoenix Solutions Luxembourg.